Bocce will be included among the sports in the consultant's Survey!

This Citywide Survey will be highly publicized
and widely distributed during December and January.

All we really need is approval to build courts in several parks.

We must get as many people as we can to take the 10-Year Plan Survey and vote for BOCCE!

Commissioner, Robert Battaile at the Gus Garcia Rec Center 10-Year Plan meeting.

If you'd like to play on a team, or help get some courts built - please take our
Austin Bocce Survey to help us plan and keep you in the loop.

We're in the local newspaper! Check out page 5.
It would be ironic if the first Austin Bocce League courts were in Manor...


I spoke to the Manor City Council in October and suggested we build bocce courts at the nearby park that's under construction across from the Walmart Store on Hwy 973. Many amenities are already planned including a Disc Golf Course. It would be a great site. We would get it organized and create a robust league. I think I've got three teams already forming. Surely the Lions will have a team as should the Chamber. How about Shadow Glen and Walmart employeees? To begin with, picture two ten-week seasons with play on two weeknights and perhaps one morning. Costs probably $25 per person per season. Bocce courts don't have to be expensive. With volunteer labor and materials, plus donations - we can make it happen! Here's two possible placements:

I started a bocce league in Santa Rosa, CA in 2009 and today they have 500 members playing five nights a week. I learned the game in St. Helena - a small town of 4,000 people with probably 600 members playing five nights a week on 9 courts. They publish the standings in the local paper every week.

We submitted a grant proposal to WeWork for their Creator Awards. It's a very interesting and motivated company that does good things. The Regional selection was in Austin in late June. While we weren't selected, it gave us a good chance to start honing in on the costs and specific methods and sites to work with.

It also gave us a chance to speak philosophically about the benefits of getting out of the house and into the fresh air with friends and family. Imagine... LIVE social interaction without the use of a digital device... in person even.

We proposed "LAUNCHING AUSTIN BOCCE" by building four Bocce Centers in
Austin Parks. Two 4-court sites and two 3-court sites. All with lights, storage, tables, umbrellas and shade of sorts. Pétanque players can use the same surface courts.

Cost: $173,220

I think we can stretch this budget by 20-30% with the help of local vendors, Austin's energetic volunteer base, and the City Parks and Recreation Department. This could
enable us to build two additional "basic" sites.

To view the 5-page pdf PROPOSAL, click here. Watch the 90 sec VIDEO below.


I’ve recently moved back to Austin after many years in Napa Valley. While I was there, I discovered bocce. Bocce is an amazing sport that provides heathy interaction and competition for all ages. It has a great balance of luck and skill such that everybody gets the occasional great shot. I especially love it when little old ladies beat the big truck drivers. I got my start in the St. Helena Bocce Leagues where almost one out of every four people play on a team. The standings are posted in the local paper each week. The shared food and wines were legendary. These pictures are from Juilliard Park in Santa Rosa. That's me throwing out the 2nd ball back in 2009. Still going strong and likely to continue forever.

My vision is about a dozen sites in Austin's city parks with three-four courts each and a central bocce pavilion with maybe 8 courts which is also the home of the US Bocce Open! Very fun for all. I think we can rally the citizenry and local businesses to raise the necessary funds. Bocce courts are not very expensive. The Austin Bocce League would coordinate the players, teams, league and tournaments. Costs probably $30-40 for a 10-week season. Teams are 6-12 people. We’d have workshops to teach the game and also sponsor people that couldn’t pay the fee. We need your energy and input to make this happen.

If you'd like to play on a team, or help get some courts built - please take our Austin Bocce Survey to help us plan and keep you in the loop. Triangle Park has two courts and you can check out a set of balls from nearby Mandola's Italian Restaurant. Guerrerro Senior Center has a court...and that's about it for almost all of Austin. Here's a good video that explains the game and how it can all change so fast.

To be clear - while we're getting support and encouragement from City Council and Parks and Recreation, none of these designs are endorsed or approved at this point. All will require citizen input and involvement. Austin has the potential to have the largest bocce league in the country... if you want it!
Here are some ideas. See you in Court! Robert Battaile, Commissioner • • 512-662-2955

For our future courts, I'd like to suggest a "Five-in-One" design with a movable back wall that can be configured for 90' - 76' - 60' Bocce Courts or two 45' Petanque Courts. 90' is the international standard size. Petanque is a French version that uses smaller metal balls.

Five-in-One Bocce Court Design


COMAL PARK - Master Plan getting input now - Bocce League's court suggestion - Next Community Mtg happening soon.

Learn more and take the Survey Questionnaire here


BAILEY PARK in Central West Austin has excellent potential with parking and existing lights. We have support from several of the local stakeholders and neighborhood association members to build two courts there. I'm trying to figure out how best to move forward to develop this site.

Givens Master Plan Public meeting Oct 9 results

I attended the Planning Meeting and suggested bocce courts. However, the planners seemed already set on two designs they'd been working on for some time. The community was very divided and concerned that the improvements would only hasten the gentrification of the area and the displacement of longtime residents. I think the community could benefit but lack of knowledge about the game makes it a long shot even though there is good parking, a Rec Center to check balls out from; and lights are allowed.

BULL CREEK PARK on the Northwest Side. Perhaps re-purposing the Volleyball Court is an option...?

Would this be epic? Dream on Robert.

How about PEASE PARK at GASTON GREEN? I remember the first Eeyore's Party and I hadn't even heard of bocce.

BACKGROUND: When I moved briefly to Santa Rosa, I discovered four courts that had been there for 20 years yet they’d never had a league. Thus, I felt compelled to start the Santa Rosa Bocce League which has since morphed into Sonoma County Bocce Club ( with 450 members playing on five courts five nights a week. Many of these players have become lifelong friends and are still very involved in running the league.

After the wife, myself and our dozen parrots were evacuated during the Valley Fire in northern California and I was organizing a community chorus to produce a benefit music video for the First Responders (, I realized how good it would be for the community to have a bocce league there for networking and rebuilding. We’re waiting to hear back from the State about a site in Trailside Park which Lake County suggested, but the energy and resources to get the courts built are abundant. ( So... I’ve seen first-hand how much fun people can have playing bocce.

Bocce at the Grove... I thought this was a nice idea, but alas - we came into the Master Plan process too late, and this is a "Developer Park" with its own agenda.

more info:

TRIANGLE PARK at 45th and Guadalupe - Two 76' courts are already there and only need minimal adjustment.

There are lots and lots of court designs online. Here's one I really like in Yountville. A very robust league there. More designs follow.

Two vets in wheelchairs were playing this morning.

Note the lights.